Public Swimming Pool


Public Swimming Pool

Detelinara's pool, a sought-after summer refuge, teems with legends, territorial tensions, and the spirited dynamics of youth navigating its waters.

While neighboring districts pride themselves on their beaches, for many in Detelinara, this pool is the singular escape from summer's embrace.

But the pool is more than a refuge from heat; it's a living legend. The kids, brimming with mischief and imagination, spread tales of the "Bubblegum Brigade." Rumor has it that these crafty individuals use bubblegum to attach shaving razors to the slides. Newcomers approach the slide with a mix of excitement and fear, ever wary of the tales they've heard.

Beyond these stories, a more palpable tension ripples across the pool’s surface. It's a territory where the strong stake their claim, watching and waiting. These dominant figures scan for the slightest sign of vulnerability, often extracting "entrance fees" from their peers through intimidation.

But not everyone is content with this established order. Some audacious souls, driven by youthful recklessness, plot to reclaim the pool under the cover of night, aiming to defy its unwritten rules. Yet, their plans are thwarted by the ever-watchful hounds that patrol the pool after sunset. Their menacing presence sends a clear message: the pool is off-limits when the sun goes down.

Still, in its tumultuous currents, alliances are formed, friendships are built, and battles are fought. Every day, the pool serves as a proving ground, challenging and molding the spirit of Detelinara's youth.