In the small neighborhood known as Satellite, there lived a girl named Goca. She was the epitome of a rebel, leaving jaws dropping as she strolled down the street. Perfectly poised, with a slender figure and a charming face, she had a charisma that seemed to draw people in like moths to a flame. But beneath her alluring exterior, her heart was darker than the deepest abyss.

By day, she was the picture of elegance, seen reading Goethe and pondering philosophy. Yet, behind that facade, a shadow followed her wherever she went, as if the devil himself trailed in her wake. Last winter, Goca had enticed six young men, each of them believing they held her heart forever. Little did they know that they had chosen a girl who could make them lose their heads.

One young man, named Vlada, had fallen for Goca's allure and remained smitten. But when he caught her with another, he couldn't bear the pain. In a moment of despair, he took his father's gun, spilling his own lifeblood, and flew to a brighter world beyond - leaving five more behind.

Zlatko's love for Goca was intense, but he was naive to the dark side she hid. Even with half the story, it was enough to haunt him. On a freezing night, he took a leap from the bridge, and four more were left behind.

Goga worshipped her like a deity, but the burden of her love crushed him and his family. He swallowed pills one fateful summer, and his last dreams were of Goca. Three hearts were left to grieve.

Zoran, a registered addict, got caught in a dangerous game, manipulated by Goca's cunning charms. When she sent him photos with another man, he couldn't bear the betrayal. With four grams of poison, he joined two others on their eternal journey.

Sava, a law student, saw his life crumble as he became one of Goca's lovers. Unable to endure the pain, he chose a noose, leaving only one heart left to ache.

And that last young man never knew that he had chosen the real deal, the girl who could make him lose his head. Goca, with her enigmatic allure, remained a mystery even in the wake of sorrow. In Satellite, whispers of her bewitching presence echoed through the dark alleys, forever reminding the neighborhood of the girl who could make men lose their hearts, their minds, and even their lives.