Liman's affluent Coyotes navigate through dark alliances and feuds, embodying the city's shadowy undercurrents.

In the labyrinthine maze of Liman, where towering apartments serve as fortress walls, the Coyotes reign. This notorious gang, fervent supporters of the Kabel Football Club, are the whispered talk of Neusatz. Their feud with Korida of Detelinara is an urban legend, recounted in hushed tones in every dim-lit tavern and graffiti-covered alleyway.

The most infamous of their confrontations was the melee at the schoolyard of Svetozar Marković Toza. Even the Danube, that ancient witness to countless vendettas, seemed to pause in its eternal flow during that skirmish.

Though they exist in the shadows, the Coyotes are nothing like the forgotten or overlooked. They are the wealthy youth of Liman, living in the sumptuous high-rises that dominate the area. Here, punk is not just music; it's a battle cry, echoing through the lavish corridors, screaming disapproval at the world below.

In Liman, loyalties are mercurial, alliances forming and dissolving like mist in the chilly air. Here, in these opulent towers overlooking the river, the Coyotes scheme and plot, their cunning the coin of a realm that respects only power and guile.

It's an enigmatic existence, these lives shaped by towering steel and veiled ambitions. Amidst this noir backdrop, the Coyotes are both a symptom and symbol—of a society held captive by its own convoluted drama, of a river city whose undercurrents are as dark and deep as they are irresistible.