Feral Dogs


Feral Dogs

Neusatz's silent, feral dogs roam in packs, commanding respect in the city's shadowy margins.

In the shadowy margins where Neusatz's neighborhoods fray into untamed gaps, a silent pack thrives, untouched by human affection or domesticity. These are the feral dogs of Neusatz, creatures of the wild that have reclaimed a life outside the bounds of companionship. For generations, these dogs have lived as true outsiders, their lineages untainted by the hands of owners. Unlike the abandoned pets that sometimes wander the streets, these feral beings have never known a human's touch nor sought it.

These large, formidable animals roam in groups, a testament to their survival in a world parallel to human civilization. They have an unspoken pact among themselves, moving with a purpose through the city's unseen corridors. Their presence is most felt at night when the bustling neighborhoods quiet down, and they dare to venture closer to the realms of humans. However, their forays remain brief, guided by the cover of darkness, a time when their silent paws can tread the concrete unseen.

What sets these dogs apart is not just their size or their silence but their behavior. They do not bark nor do they chase after cars like their domesticated counterparts. Their communication is subdued, known only to their pack, as they navigate the city's fringes in search of sustenance. They are scavengers by necessity, feeding on what the city discards, be it the carcass of an unfortunate animal or the remnants of human refuse. This diet, grim as it may be, sustains them, keeping the pack strong and alert.

To encounter these dogs is to glimpse a world where the wild still holds sway, where the line between urban and untamed blurs. They demand respect, not through noise or overt aggression, but through their sheer presence and the unspoken warning they carry: those who show fear may find themselves at the receiving end of their bite. Yet, in their avoidance of human spaces and their silent ways, the feral dogs of Neusatz embody the city's untold stories, living reminders of what lurks just beyond the streetlights' reach.