Bubble Razors 

The Bubblegum Gang infamously shadows Neusatz's summers with concealed menace, instilling whispered fears amidst sunlit pool gatherings.

In the sweltering heat of Neusatz summers, when the public pool by Futog's Park becomes a sanctuary for children and families, the air thickens with rumors of the Bubblegum Gang. No one knows their true origins, but their legend lives in whispers and hushed conversations. Parents caution their children; lifeguards cast wary glances at groups of kids; even the local bullies tread carefully.

Their most infamous deed is whispered like an urban legend. They're said to use bubblegum to affix shaving razors onto the waterslide, turning a joyful plunge into an experience fraught with peril. The audacity of this act has earned them their Latin motto: "Bullae Resina Rasoria Cohortis," inscribed on their cryptic coat of arms, which features a devilish child blowing a bubblegum bubble as if mocking all notions of childhood innocence.

Operating in the vicinity of the public pool and the enigmatic psychiatric ward, the gang seems to melt into the summer crowds, untraceable yet ever-present. Some say they're children from the psychiatric ward itself, having found a twisted outlet for their youthful angst. Others believe they're just mischievous kids, taking pranks to dangerous extremes.

While various neighborhood crews like the Coyotes of Liman, Korida of Detelinara, and the Stork Crew have their own turfs and feuds, all yield to the menacing mystery that is the Bubblegum Gang. They are the unspoken dread of summer, the dark underbelly of Neusatz's sunniest season.