Korida, fervent football hooligans from Neusatz, weave a tale of violent rivalries and complex alliances, symbolizing a city steeped in dark, compelling stories.

In the shadowed streets of Neusatz, the name Korida resonates with fervor and infamy. Comprising fierce supporters of football club Novi Sad, these hooligans from Detelinara and Adamovic's Settlement are notorious and unyielding.

Their battles with rivals are legend, particularly the relentless tension with the Coyotes from Liman and the unabating animosity with The Firm, Voyvodina Football Club's supporters. Game days transform Neusatz into a cauldron of anticipation, the members of Korida marching as one, their voices a war cry, their presence a defiant force.

The stadium is their battlefield, but their real fights unravel in darkened corners and hidden alleys. Loyalties are tested, alliances shift, and violence often erupts, a dance as intricate as it is brutal.

Korida is more than a name, more than a group. It's a symbol of Neusatz itself, a reflection of passion and rivalry, a living tale that whispers through the city's labyrinthine streets, telling a story that is as complex as it is compelling.