Center Old Town coat of arms showing beehive and surrounded by bees

Old Town

Neusatz's Old Town, originally known as Bakša, has evolved from a medieval settlement to a lively urban center, reflecting centuries of history, transformation, and resilience, with its rich heritage subtly integrated into the city's dynamic tapestry of life.

In the heart of Novi Sad, Old Town stood as a testament to centuries of history. Long before its current name, it bore the title of Bakša, an ancient settlement that thrived during the medieval period. As the years passed, a new chapter began in 1694 when Racka varoš, later known as Petrovaradinski Šanac, emerged as part of the Danube military frontier.

As the settlement flourished, it expanded westward, giving rise to vibrant urban districts like Rotkvarija, Salajka, and Grbavica. Yet, the city's true transformation took place after the upheavals of World War I and World War II. It was then that Stari grad, as it was now called, embraced its present form, radiating with life and energy.

In the southeast, once known as "Mali Liman" and "Veliki Liman," the echoes of a bygone era still lingered. Little Liman was once an expanse of ponds, sandbars, and meadows, where fishing boats dotted the landscape. A small fortification, the Brukšanac, provided protection for a pontoon bridge, preserving stories of defense and connectivity.

Amidst the nostalgic memories of the past, the city evolved, and the name "Little Liman" vanished as the landscape became a thriving urban hub. Today, Old Town stands united with the Danube, its heritage seamlessly woven into the vibrant fabric of Novi Sad, a captivating blend of history and modernity.