Cradled between Telep and New Settlement, is a storied Neusatz crossroad, evolving from industrial roots to a community in transition.

In the tapestry of Neusatz's boroughs, Satelit has long been a nexus of toil and passage. To the south, it meets Telep, where shadows and history intertwine beneath the watchful eye of the Danube. For decades, a colossal spine of large metal heating pipes, vestiges of the city’s industrial ingenuity since the 1960s, stretched along this entire boundary, separating Satelit from the mysteries of Telep. These pipes, remnants of a bygone era of communal warmth, have only recently been dismantled, leaving behind a newfound openness between the two districts.

The west of Satelit opens to the ancient whispers of Futog, standing as the historic westward gate from Neusatz. This passage, etched into the landscape, has been a constant through time, evidenced by ancient maps from as early as 1716 that trace a road to Futak, hinting at an early settlement safe from the Danube's flood reach.

To the north, where the Majevica fields once spread their green tapestry, the burgeoning silhouette of New Settlement now rises. This expansion speaks to the relentless evolution of Satelit, once a distant edge where only the distant sounds of nature prevailed, now a thriving connection to the city's future.

The shovels on Satelit's crest capture the essence of its people—on one side, the workers of the Train Depo, a testament to the borough's industrial pulse; on the other, the symbol of the working class, whose homes were planted in Satelit's soil to stay close to the city's burgeoning factories.

Satelit's story is one of enduring presence, a chapter written in the annals of Neusatz where the past and present converge. The tram's last western station stood here, a sentinel at the crossroads to Futog, surrounded by homes that have weathered time and the elements, suggesting a lineage as old as the road itself. In Satelit, every path and every home bears the mark of an era, a silent testament to the borough's steadfast spirit.

Neusatz SAttellite

Satelit, nestled between Telep and New Settlement, is etched with industrial history and ancient routes.