Aviacija, Avijaticarsko naselje coat of arms, depicting eagle or a falcon holding two spray cans

Aviator's Settlement

The Aviator Settlement in Neusatz is a historical tapestry of contrasts, from affluent homes in the north to project buildings in the south, reflecting a history marked by opulence, danger, and resilience within its borders.

Nestled within the haunting shadows of Neusatz, the Aviator Settlement, known locally as Avijatičarsko Naselje or simply Avijacija, unfolds a narrative drenched in stark contrasts. Its inception in 1948 near the path to the "Majevica" airport—once the Kingdom of Yugoslavia's sprawling military bastion—bestows upon it a legacy intertwined with the skies.

In the north, a realm of opulence emerges, where luxurious homes with swimming pools pierce the heavens, crafting an illusion of splendor and dominance. This façade of wealth, however, masks a sinister underbelly to the south. Near the rumbling railroad tracks, austere project buildings stand as grim sentinels of disparity, casting long shadows over the streets.

Beneath the veil of Detelinara Suburb, Aviator Settlement harbors tales of darkness and depravity. It was once branded as one of the most perilous, drug-laden corners of the city, scarred by the specters of violence and despair. These scars are more than mere stories; they are a testament to the resilience and undying spirit of a community that has weathered the tempest of time.

As dusk descends upon this complex tapestry, Aviator Settlement emerges not just as a neighborhood but as a microcosm of Novi Sad itself—a city of dazzling heights and profound depths. It stands as a stark reminder of the dualities that define human existence: the luminous facade of prosperity and the lurking shadows of hardship, forever entwined in the enigmatic embrace of Neusatz.