Schodrosh, a mystical stretch along the Danube, transitions from a frosty winter playground to a vibrant summer oasis, hosting generations of Novi Sad's youth in rites of passage while whispering tales of spectral depths and enchanted icy misadventures.

In the shadowed embrace of the Danube, where its waters whispered of ancient legends and sunken fates, lay the enigmatic stretch of Šodroš. It nestled next to the Fisherman’s Island, a watery realm extending from the remnants of the old shipyard to the haunting riverbanks of Telep. Winters here were a spectacle to behold, the backwater transformed into a crystalline plane. This icy veneer became a rite of passage for the eager children of Novi Sad, their laughter echoing as they weaved and danced upon its frosty expanse, mastering the art of skating.

But the beguiling beauty of Šodroš bore a chilling undercurrent. There were tales whispered in hushed reverence of those who, entranced by its charm, had ventured too far and fallen beneath its icy veneer. Some were lost to the dark depths, their souls forever imprisoned in its watery embrace. Others emerged from its clutches, but they were altered, shadows of their former selves, their eyes betraying secrets of the abyss.

Summers at Šodroš painted a starkly different tableau. A verdant oasis, it was a sanctuary to an array of exquisite birds and plants, the melodies of which were nature's serenades. But as dusk approached, a different kind of symphony took over. The flickering glow of bonfires would pierce the darkness, their flames casting silhouettes of the Telep youth upon the shimmering waters. Gathered in circles, with drinks in hand and the acrid aroma of smoke permeating the air, they would revel in their rites of passage. Amidst the revelry, in hushed tones and with a mischievous glint, they'd summon the spirits of the drowned, inviting them to partake in their dance of fire and shadow, and once again taste the fleeting joys of the living world.